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How could you NOT enjoy life with all the gifts that are finally here?! I believe I have the best job in the world; I get to meet fellow earthlings on our personal crossroads together and we explore life-extending solutions that the world has to offer. From natural foods that bring out an explosion of energy that you never knew you had, to new technologies like ionization and electromagnetic healing that drive the detoxification and healing abilities of our bodies on a cellular level. TODAY is truly a different day for healing; TODAY is our time to be MORE!

Introducing John Graziano and the Wildwood Warriors- a healthy kind of biker gang! They're fun-loving role models for health, adventure and discipline!

WHO GETS THE PHOUNTAIN CALLING? Not everyone is ready for wellness. But like so many remarkable real-life stories of people ready for a real change, 20 year-old college student Sammy Kunz walked into a Phountain store one day and took charge of her life by kickstarting the proactive way to resolve many of her physical issues and advancing her complete performance. WHAT'S YOUR STORY? Email us today and we'll get you on PHTV!

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Meet Dr. Lori Trentacoste, chief audiologist in Melville NY and executive director of the L.I. Care-Givers Network. She and her family has been long-time subscribers of the Phountain Way (since early 2011). Alongside her husband Joseph and her two children, living an ALKALINE existence is "the only way to be". As a medical professional and a clinical educator, Dr. Lori supports the philosohpies of "a better way"- a health platform that consists of a worldly perspective combining conventional sciences with the allopathic, homeopathic and alternative modalities. "Phountain unleashes all the so-called SECRETS to longevity... if you speak to anyone there, you'll find that Phountain truly promotes a complete and solid lifestyle; the exact kind that I've been personally studying even before Phountain ever existed!"

Listed below are wellness super events that are given to us by our partners in the wellness community. Our events calendar is filling up fast and more are underway, so join our mailing list for updates on what's shakin' at the phountain train!

  May 3 The NAVEL Expo
Huntington Hilton
  May 10 Carl Hart Mother's Day Duathon- Heckscher State Park
  May 17 Power of a Woman Triathalon-
East Meadow
  May 17 Caumset State Park 5k Run/Walk
  Jun 13 GreenFest-
Port Jefferson
  Jun 21 The Long Island Triathalon-
Nickerson Beach
  Jul 12 CAST MNF (Swim, Bike, Run)- Southhold, NY
  Aug. 2 Smith Point Triathalon-
Aug 7 Nepal Earthquake Relief Event: Beach Club Estates 2-9 pm
Aug 8 Sayville Summerfest
  Aug. 9 Riverhead Rocks-
Aug 22 Huntington Alliance for peace:  7:30am setup. 
Sept.11,12,13 East Northport Festival
24 Larkfield Road, East Northport
Sept. 13 Suffolk County Marathon & Half Marathon- Heckscher Park
  Sept 15 Syosset Health Fair- Syosset
Sept. 20 North Coast Subaru: Mighty Hamptons- Sag Harbor
  Oct 18 Carl Hart Fall Duathlon-
Heckscher Park, Islip

Go back about 5000 years ago when eastern medicine healed with herbal sciences, acupuncture and a synergy of all (truly) natural ingredients. The healer focused on wellness, or the ability to become WELL... period. That philosophy is very much alive today and with our society's incredible thirst for true healing, PHOUNTAIN is a clear disciple and an ambassador of this belief.

WE LOVE SPRING! Tis the season for all things to kick into high gear. We've got some amazing events lined up between now all the way to the fall season that you just won't want to miss. Phountain Health sponsors and participates in events that support health, wellness, fitness and personal advancement for the ultimate you- so you've got peace of mind that wherever you see the Phountain station, you're guaranteed to be in a place of ultimate personal empowerment.

Come on out and rock the outdoors with Phountain Health- like this video clip from EventPower's Carl Hart Mother's Day Duathon!


Five years and 7 central stores later, Glenn Taylor's brainchild is stronger than ever as the pop-wellness retail chain called PHOUNTAIN has become nothing short of a home for many thousands of wellness subscribers. Taylor sparked the movement that brought us "a complete alkaline lifestyle" in the Long Island community. Today, the majority of our residents have embraced the Phountain way of life perhaps because of the predominant population who now regard anti-aging as a pain-free path to living. That "BETTER WAY" is a revolutionary mind set from what western convention has led us to believe. This same set of beliefs are what we now challenge with some of the most sensible and innate naturopathic solutions that our ancient ancestors have blessed us with long before the first aspirin ever hit the shelves. To pursue a healthy lifestyle (mind, body and spirit) is about clearing the body of a life's worth of toxins that hold us back from our ultimate performance. "Detoxing" has now become a household word especially at the house of Phountain where the word "HEAL" is the root of HEALTH. (see Taylor's new article: ALKALINITY & THE ROAD TO GOOD HEALTH)

We define true rebellion to be a movement that prompts an entire society to question authority and to challenge assumptions. Where conventional medicine has made dangerous side effects an "expected and necessary evil" as they treat us with chemical warfare, the modern alternative movement uses the information age to seek out all available answers that have always been there all along.

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