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How could you NOT enjoy life with all the gifts that are finally here?! I believe I have the best job in the world; I get to meet fellow earthlings on our personal crossroads together and we explore life-extending solutions that the world has to offer. From natural foods that bring out an explosion of energy that you never knew you had, to new technologies like ionization and electromagnetic healing that drive the detoxification and healing abilities of our bodies on a cellular level. TODAY is truly a different day for healing; TODAY is our time to be MORE!

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Meet Dr. Lori Trentacoste, chief audiologist in Melville NY and executive director of the L.I. Care-Givers Network. She and her family has been long-time subscribers of the Phountain Way (since early 2011). Alongside her husband Joseph and her two children, living an ALKALINE existence is "the only way to be". As a medical professional and a clinical educator, Dr. Lori supports the philosohpies of "a better way"- a health platform that consists of a worldly perspective combining conventional sciences with the allopathic, homeopathic and alternative modalities. "Phountain unleashes all the so-called SECRETS to longevity... if you speak to anyone there, you'll find that Phountain truly promotes a complete and solid lifestyle; the exact kind that I've been personally studying even before Phountain ever existed!"

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Glenn Taylor: Long Island "Phountain" Wellness Franchise Driven to Breed "Super-People"

by: Lennard M. Gettz
NEW YORK, May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Phountain Health Centers celebrate their fifth anniversary since the launch of their detoxing and alkaline lifestyle campaign.   Founder and chief researcher Glenn Taylor developed the concept behind all Phountain stores promoting advanced wellness technologies and restorative supplements inspired by some of the world's most prominent leaders in alternative health studies.

Taylor attributes the Phountain business model to a personal quest for education and longevity after having lost significant family members to various debilitating diseases. He conducted extensive study on diseases and all existing options that are proven to increase our immunity. This search led to uncovering the works of a host of scientists including (1931) Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg for his work on the cause and prevention of cancer and his claim about how "cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment."

"Awareness combats negligence- the kind that leads to 'DIS-EASE' and physical breakdown... Phountain has become my global voice for delivering the message of personal healing and accountability through smart choices-we are here for those seeking higher truth about longevity and a better lifestyle," states Taylor.

Dr. Lori Trentacoste, Long Island resident and practicing Audiologist, has been a long-time student of the alkaline theory of immunity.  "To find everything I've been reading about under one roof is remarkable... I find Phountain to truly promote a complete lifestyle; the exact kind that I've been personally studying even before Phountain even existed!"

The "Phountain Health" standards are achieved through organic nutritional "super-foods," a micro-nutrient-based diet program and a daily regimen of detox solutions to restore the body's alkalinity (from the dangers of acidity).  Phountain's alkaline water launched to reach island-wide popularity, thanks to its many advantages. Each Phountain Center carries state-of-the-art technologies designed to aid the body's self-healing elements such as: the vitamin D sun bed, ionizing foot baths, the infra-red sauna, body vibration and the PEMF THERAPY system (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field)- regarded worldwide for improving immunity and advanced pain relief on a cellular level.

Phountain conducts many community outreach programs, including food drives and charity fundraisers, and is a major supporter of all Long Island outdoor sports such as the "6th Precinct Cops Who Care" Bicycle Race and the Annual Triathalon Series produced by EventPower Group.

Taylor's mission to "HEAL WITH HEALTH" continues with publishing the first in a series of books called "LIVING TO 200."  Moreover, Taylor recently embarked in a list of media projects such as an E-magazine called "THE PHOUNTAIN LIFESTYLE" and a video series aptly called "PHOUNTAIN TV" – touring through the many disciplines and answers for ultimate wellness.

Glenn Taylor lives in Bay Shore, Long Island with his wife and his two children.  He runs various businesses while spending a significant amount of time in health seminars, reviewing alternative healing techniques and coaching community sports.  He is also a major philanthropist donating to major causes such as L.I. CARES and various Cancer research charities.

For media contact and interviews about this article, contact Lennard M. Gettz at 631-920-5757 or Email, or visit www.Phountainhealth.com for more info.

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by Diana DeRosa

For about a year now I’ve been passing this new chain called Phountain throughout Suffolk County on Long Island, NY, with one location in Nassau County. When I learned that their focus was on alkalinity and detoxification I felt compelled to learn more about them. It was that concept that made me decide to give it a whirl.... I contacted the owner, Glenn Taylor, to get more insight into what Phountain is all about and he and his associate Mike Mastrantuono and a number of staff helped me understand not only about Phountain but why.